The Great Meme War is the ongoing conflict between the Republic of Kekistan and the Normie-Cuck Alliance. The amount of meme magic produced by the Kekistani people would ultimately lead to God Emperor Donald J. Trump liberating the White House to free Kekistanis of their shackles; however, the war continues as the rise of Antifa has led to violence in the streets.

War continues as of October 2017, with no foreseeable end.


On June 16th, many declarations of war were sent via digital telegram service, Twitter, including ones from cuck Jeb Bush and God Emperor Donald J. Trump[1][2]. Many Kekistani shitposters, hearing of such times from old Kekish folk tales, saw this as a call to arms, with many Kekistanis readying their homegrown memes for memetic warfare. With many independent skirmishes, the Kekistanis made little progress in harming the shills. The normie masses laughed at the idea of Trump being effective in anything. John Oliver ("The CURRENT YEAR man" in Kekish) even provoked Him, accepting the declaration of war on behalf of all normies. The sheer ignorance caused many autistic screechings among the Kekistani partisans, making it clear that they needed to centralize. With that, the Republic of Kekistan issued an order to all the independent militias to form into one military, the Kekistan Armed Forces. All non-combatant Kekistanis had to supply the KAF with their fresh homegrown memes.



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