The First Kingdom of Kekistan, often also known as the Old Kingdom of Kekistan or simply the Kingdom of Kek, was the first Kekistani civilization. It was succeeded by the Second Kingdom of Kekistan in 1488 BC.

History Edit

It began in the third millennium BC, starting off as small meme farming towns on the fertile Nile river. The civilization thrived in Pre-Dynastic Egypt, however it clashed with the surrounding nations of Cuckistan and Normiestan. It's main enemy was Cuckistan as Normiestan was fairly neutral. Kekistan was admired by Sargon of Akkad and his empire, and he did trade with them and supplied them with weaponry for their lucrative memes and shitposts. However, following the turn of the 2nd millennium BC and the fall of the Akkadian Empire, many Kekistanis were being sold into slavery or even killed, despite success in other aspects. The main event that started the Kekistani oppression was the nuffin wars, where the Kekistanis fought the Cuckistan empire of the east, and the Nubian Dindu tribe of the south. During the beginning of the war they recieved some good victories however they were eventually overpowered and defeated. It was quite hard for the Kekistanis, for a short period, however in the 17th and 16th centuries BC the kekistani people started their trek outside of Egypt. In 1488 BC the prophet, Pepe, lead the Kekistanis to the promised land for all Kekistan. They were destined to travel to the fertile banks of the Caspian Sea. They faced many hardships along the way, like battles with the israelites and a schism in the religion, where many split from the path, listening to the false hymn of globalism. Despite many struggles, this great migration spread their high quality memes throughout Mesopotamia, the Levant, Anatolia, Persia, and even to the edges of Greece and the Black Sea.

Inaccuracies Edit

The history of Kekistan is still a debated topic, mostly with dates of events and kingdoms, since the establishment attempts to hide Kekistani history. Much is still to be discovered and data will probably be subject to change.

Legacy Edit

After the fall of the kingdom, much of it's records were lost or destroyed. The Kekistani diaspora has spread all over the world, however, and many modern kekistanis band together and have created a modern Kekistani state in the land of /pol/ called the Republic of Kekistan.

Discrimination Edit

Throughout history, kekistanis have been subject to harsh oppression and genocide by many groups, and have traveled far to escape it. Unfortunately, they are subject to misunderstanding and oppression even today at a deep scale.

Sources Edit

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