The Drunken Peasants Podcast is a semi-famous Internet podcast run by a couple of stoner neckbeards that operates primarily off of YouTube. The Podcast has had several notable Kekistanis on as guests, such as Sargon of Akkad, Chris Ray Gun and Jeff Holiday.

Despite it's relatively low quality, the Podcast is actually quite entertaining, and is one of the few good pieces of entertainment to be found on YouTube.

The Hosts Edit

  • Ben - A mysterious man known only as "Ben". Used to where a mask in earlier episodes of the show because he was ashamed of his short neckbeard. Doesn't really contribute much to the podcast in terms of commentary, though he's the one who operates their equipment, so he's allowed to stay. Also used to dress in drag. When it comes to Kekistan, Ben has admitted he's neutral on it.
  • Thomas James "TJ" Kirk III - In addition to being the best host on the show, TJ is also the owner of his own YouTube channel with over 1,000,000 subscribers, formerly known as "The Amazing Atheist" (now he just uses his real name to avoid being censored by YouTube's fascist bots). Well known for shoving a banana up his ass and freely admitting to it. When it comes to Kekistan, TJ appears to be neutral, as his position on it has shifted several times. He does, however, condemn the ADL's labeling of Pepe as a "hate symbol".
  • Kaiser Scotty Kirk - TJ's younger brother and the Kaiser of the podcast. His primary function is to be contrarian to TJ and piss him off for Keks. Can only be bothered to show up for every other show. Recently, the Kaiser has allied with Kekistan in exchange for their assistance in destroying Canada.
  • Paul "Salty Paul" Parkey II - A level 10 neckbeard and recurring guest on the show before he was promoted to full-time host for his (now faded) popularity. Used to be well-liked by the fans until he started whining about how we need to "bring on the nukes" because he lost his Linkin Park CDs or something. He claims to be an authoritarian leftist and a globalist, but this is only so he can appear "edgy" when compared to his fellow hosts (who all lean more towards the cultural Libertarian side of the left). Has a grudge against Sargon of Akkad for being a better bearded bastard than him, and will use any opportunity to discredit him. Paul is also staunchly against Kekistan, and TJ frequently uses it to troll him.
  • Scotty Cena - A John Cena doll with a picture of Scotty's face taped to it. Fills in for Scotty whenever he's too busy watching Starship Troopers to show up. Was eventually killed by Scotty when the two had a fight to the death to determine who was the better Scotty.

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