Honorable God Emperor Donald J. Trump, is the President-for-life of the United States of America, destined savior of Kekistan and slayer of Hillary the Crooked.

History Edit

Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York City. He did not know it yet, but his birth started a chain of events that would lead to the eventual freedom of the Kekistani people. In 1971 Trump took over the family real estate firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, and renamed it The Trump Organization. He greatly expanded its real estate operations as well as venturing into numerous other business activities. It eventually became the umbrella organization for several hundred individual business ventures and partnerships.

Years passed and Donald Trump became rich and powerful, but he felt like something was missing, so he became more and more successful, thinking he could plug the hole with money and women. But it was never enough. However, on January 1st, 2015, Donald Trump received a vision from Kek that showed his destiny, he was to take up the mantle of God Emperor and lead the people of Kek to victory. Trump at first did not accept this, he did not want such a burden, but he eventually accepted when he realized that empty feeling in him would never be filled unless the Kekistani people were free. So in June 2015 Trump announced that he would be campaigning to become President of the United States, himself gliding down on an escalator.


God Emperor Trump descending the royal escalator

Donald Trump's campaign started out in ridicule, with no one actually taking his bid for President seriously. However, the Prophets of 4chan had visions of this man, and they announced to their people that he was the destined savior of the people of Kek. And with the support of the people of Kek, Trump became destined to succeed and defeat the demon known as Hillary the Crooked. The Great Meme War had begun.

For more about Trump's campaign see the Donald Trump Wikipedia page

After winning the primaries God Emperor Trump had to go face to face with the demon Hillary the Crooked in what's known as the Presidential Debates. For this great battle Hillary had black armor forged for her in the fires of Hell by illegal immigrants and had Soros the Unholy summon her the Sword of Lies from the pits of the abyss. God Emperor Trump however was granted the golden armor of Kek, forged in the ancient cities of Old Kekistan. He was also given the Sword of Pepe, a sword given to him by Kek himself, a sword imbued with the power of the people of Kek.
Top Anime Fight of 201601:40

Top Anime Fight of 2016

Donald Trump winning the election

The First Presidential Debate started in September 26, 2016 and was a stalemate with Hillary the Crooked landing a few blows on God Emperor Trump and Trump being able to wound Hillary slightly with his mighty sword. The Second Presidential Debate occurred on October 9th, 2016. This battle again was another stalemate with Hillary landing a very harsh blow on Trump while Trump was able to once again slightly wound Hillary with the Sword of Pepe. And finally, on October 19, 2016, the Third Presidential Debate started. This great battle lasted for hours but ended when God Emperor Donald John Trump ran his sword through Hillary Rodham Clinton the Crooked. Hillary did not die but retreated to her lair with a triumphant Trump being


cheered on by the people of Kek.

All eyes were on God Emperor Trump and Hillary the Crooked on November 8th. Fear and uncertainty hung in the air as every devout follower of Kek feared the end if Hillary was to win. All the votes had been cast, and the counting began.

First, Indiana declared it's support for God Emperor Trump. Then Kentucky, however soon after Vermont fell to the demon Hillary, the battle had just started. Many states in New England fell to Hillary but the states of the South raised their banners for Trump. The great battleground of Florida, and Ohio, were undecided. California, the bastion of SJWs, unsurprisingly fell to Clinton, and Clinton got a large amount of Electors. Florida and Ohio looked as if they were going to fall, and the spirits of the people of Kek dropped. But then, all of the sudden Ohio pledged allegiance to Trump. The people of Kek cheered. And then Florida pledged their 29 electors for Trump. The people of Kek had hope, a great hope, and they saw victory in their sight. As the night went on it became clear that God Emperor Trump had won the election. But the final nail in the coffin was when Pennsylvania, Hillary the Crooked's last hope, raised the flag of Trump. The election was won, with Trump the victor. And all the SJWs were literally shaking.

After the election God Emperor Trump started his campaigns for the people of Kek, leading an army against the forces of the Globalists. The weakened demon Hillary has not been seen since she lost the election, except to see God Emperor Trump inaugurated as President Donald J. Trump.


But alas, all those who achieve power are eventually corrupted; and so, after almost a year of presidency, the once great God Emperor Trump succumbed to his greed. He wanted to seize control of, and profit from, the most glorious and most powerful weapon of meme magic that the Kekistani people have ever possessed: the Internet itself. And so he signed an unholy alliance with Ajit Pai, a greedy goblin thief of both Cuckistani and Normistani heritage, and his horde of corporate pigmen known as the FCC. In the 14th of December 2017, this unholy alliance succeeded in seizing the power of the internet. It was a terrible day for the Kekistani people as, not only did they witness the once great God Emperor Trump's fall from grace, but they also have been cursed to lose access to their most blessed weapon, which shall be hidden behind a paywall, the height of which we don't even know yet.

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