Cuckistan is the neighboring country to the Republic of Kekistan and the republic's long-time enemy. It has been embroiled in numerous notable conflicts with Kekistan, including the Hundred Years' Meme War. Cuckistan is populated by Normies and SJWs, bitter foes of Kekistani culture and the message of Pepe. Cuckistan's army of autistic screeching faggots have slowly been seeping into much of the western world including large parts of America. The people who live in Cuckistan are know as Cuckistanis. One of their most notorious propaganda force is CNN, a news network responsible for attacking Donald Trump and a Reddit user.

They are cucks of the highest caliber. Kekistanis visiting in the region are advisted to stay with fellow Keks and not divulge their identities.

Cuckistan is also directly responsible for the Normie occupation of Kekistan and the Kekistanian Genocide led by The Young Turks.


Colonies of Cuckistan

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