Covfefe is a city in the Eastern region of the great nation of Kekistan. While its population is rather small, its has a reputation of being capable of harnessing some of the most powerful meme magic in all of Kekistan.

History Edit

Covfefe was said to have first been established during the the second half of the 1258th great age of Kek (Around 700 BC), however, nearly all recorded history of the village was destroyed when Cuckistan invaded the First Kingdom of Kekistan. Stories from survivors from Covfefe indicate that it was a great village. It was located in the Covfefe Valley, and was said to be inhabited by more than 4000 people. The ancient Covefeites were said to be able to produce incredible meme magic not found anywhere else. It is claimed that this meme magic was taught to them by the great prophet Pepe himself. Some even claim that Pepe was born in Covfefe, though there is no evidence to confirm this claim. Because of the immesurable dankness of Covfefe memes, the village's people was rewarded greatly by the great lord Kek with bountiful harvests every year, which the people were more than happy to trade with the neighboring Kekistani villages .

When the Cuckistani invaded Kekistan, The majority of the occupants of the village were slaughtered. the Siege of Covfefe was said to be especially brutal due to the immense jealousy of the Cucks at their meme powers. It is estimated that no more than 85 people managed to escape the village. The powerfully dank meme magic managed to survive with them, and each generation taught their children how to use it, and each generation managed to improve the magic even further and increase the dankness of the memes in hope of one day returning to kekistan, and reviving the once great Covfefe.

The Great Meme War Edit

During The Great Meme War, the decendents of the Covfefe survivors used their awesome meme magic to help the Kekistani people during the 2016 US Presidential election. The extreme potency of their dank memes overpowered the opposition and helped bring the God Emperor Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton and the SJW forces. They also played an integral part in retaking the great land of Kekistan one again. Soon after the establishment of the republic, The Covfefe people travelled back to the place of their old village and in March, 2017, established the great City of Covfefe.

God Emperor Trump's Tweet Edit

During President Trumps trip to Saudi Arabia, and Isreal, he decided to make a secret third stop to the great nation of Kekistan who welcomed him with open arms. during his trip, he decided to visit the city. He had a grand dinner with the Covfefe mayor Avi Kekston, where he stated that Covfefe was "a beautiful city blessed by the Great God Kek, and I am absolutely humbled to be in such an amazing place surrounded by such amazing people".


May 31, 2017, Trump honored the city to the Covfefe inhabitants when he accidentally tweeted out the the name of their city. as they now know that Covfefe made it into his phone's dictionary.

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