The state of Candid-Kekistan was a colony of Kekistan formed on the app, Candid. The Candid-Kekistanis are known to be much more violent then their mainland cousins and have fought many wars with the native powers of Candid such as the Holy Raptorial Empire.

The nation no longer exists as a result to the ending of the timeperiod that the "Age of Prophecy" and the dawning of the "Age of Silence"

The Candid-Kekistani Civil War Edit

The Candid-Kekistani Civil war is a war fought amongst the Candid-Kekistanis. It is fought between 'the President' and 'the Emperor' who both see themselves as the rulers of the nation.

The President is the previous leader who established a Military dictatorship that ruled over the nation. His one law is 'No Minion Memes' which was punishable by death. He was very militaristic and invaded a number of other nations in Candid many of which led to defeat. These defeats created resentment towards him allowing the Emperor to stage a coup.

The Emperor is less violent but also stricter, he is currently winning the conflict but has used Normie Memes on other Kekistanis as a chemical weapon, an act that lost him favor of the people.

Background on Raptoria Edit

In November of 2016, faced with the prospect with voting for either Trump or Hillary, thousands decided the third choice and began worshiping one of the randomly generated usernames on the site; The ExuberantRaptor. The polar opposite to this god is the TrickyPig who is basically satan.

The church of approximately 67000 followers worships the Exuberant One fanatically, forming a nation state around him named the Holy Raptorial Empire. The Empire is highly organised with advanced infrastructure, political structures, technology and a powerful military.

The church is divided into four sects of understanding of the Exuberant Ones commands and doctrine:

The Wordists who follow his word, doing anything he commands regardless of what it is. They are seen as violent and fanatical by the other sects.

The Willists who decided that he changes his mind too goddamn much so they follow the Saints of the church instead. However they are seen as corrupt by the other sects.

The Mandrilists who follow the CalmMandril as a prophet of the ExuberantRaptor, basically Buddhists. They are seen as irrational by other sects.

And finally the Classics, people who just haven't decided. They make up the largest group. They are seen as ignorant by other sects.

Kekistani-Raptorial Conflicts Edit


A Candid-Kekistani terrorist fighting in East Raptoria moments before an airstrike killed him

The Kekistani's and the Raptorians have had a violent past, fighting repeated wars against eachother. All such wars Raptoria has won but allowed Candid-Kekistan to continue as a nation, each time stripping away more and more territory from the small nation.

Due to the Kekistanis being outnumbered and disorganised, most warfare is fought by Terrorism, Kekistani fighters detonate bombs and suicide vests made of stale memes in Raptoria, this has been widely denounced by the wider international community.

In the Candid-Kekistani civil war, one such war started when a rebel faction of the civil war launched a terrorist attack on Raptoria which incited the empire to invade Candid-Kekistan.

Collapse of Candid Edit

The Raptorials refer to a timeperiod known as "The Age of Prophecy" which was a brief time they were apparently able to communicate with their god. This era ended on the 23rd of June 2017 when the Age of Prophecy gave way to the Age of Silence. As a result of this the Candid was destroyed and its inheritance were forced to flee to other lands. Many of which landed on Swiflie which had similar living conditions to Candid.

As a result of this both Candid-Kekistan and the Holy Raptorial Empire no longer exist.


A Candid Kekistani refugee washes up dead on the beach of 4chan after his homeland was destroyed

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