The Cucks News Network, abbreviated as CNN, is a left wing "News" outlet and puppet of the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. They are the head of the Mainstream Media. CNN is part of the large string of slander campaigns against God Emperor Trump and our great prophet Pepe. CNN is fiercely opposed to the Republic of Kekistan, and doubly so to the Kek Lives Matter movement.

President Big Man Tyrone is currently selling a "CNN Get Out" t-shirt.

CNN Blackmail Edit

On the 2nd of July 2017, God Emperor Donald Trump posted on his twitter a meme of himself wrestling a man to the ground with the CNN Logo superimposed over the mans face. This clip was from his brief appearance on 'Wrestlemania', the person he wrestled was Vince McMahon.

Reddit user HanAssholeSolo, a Kekistani warrior, created this meme to poke fun at how the God Emperor absolutely rekt the Clinton News Network.

CNN called the tweet an incitement of violence, stating hypocritically that it could get someone killed, and that it was possibly anti semitic, racist, or etc.

The CNN Secret Police otherwise known as the "CSP" then began a manhunt of the creator of the meme, tracking HanAssholeSolo to his home and getting his true identity. They then proceeded to blackmail him with threats of feeding him to the Mainstream Media. HanAssholeSolo surrendered to the tyrant and is now a hostage of CNN.

CNN announced to Kekistan their ransom but Kekistan did not pay, instead they marched on CNN, launching memes and bad reviews at the stronghold. They managed to lower CNN's news app to a 1-star rating, crippling their presence on the app store.


God Emperor Trumps holy Tweet that was used to incite the CNN Blackmail.

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