Holy Book of Kek's People

The Book of Kek is a collection of ancient scriptures that tell the story and future of Kek and his people. All followers of Kek quote and read the Book of Kek daily. 

@Lord_Paktas manages the book's verses and changes.


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1:1 In the beginning, there was a pool of dankness.

2:1 From the pool there was Kek

3:1 Kek could be in the order of land and the chaos of the pond

4:1 Kek knows all

5:1 Kek Created Man and Frog

5:2 Anime Is awesome

6:1 Man for knowledge of Memes

7:1 and frogs to guide them through order, chaos, SJWs, and Normies

8:1 and then everything else was made


1:2 Kek is patient, He had waited for an eternity(a really dank time)

2:2 Now the time was right to bring man and frog together

3:2 This was the first revolt, the Egyptian Normies & SJWs met the wrath of Kek

4:2 Kek’s frogs were everywhere, the judgment was final

5:2 The Egyptians bowed down to Kek the one true god

6:2 The balance of order and chaos returned, a truly based time

7:2 To ensure his teachings, Kek created Pepe, and sent him to down to the world


Early Egyptian Normies getting triggered.


1:3 Pepe Told Man what are known as, The Kekmandments:

  1. The follower of Kek must check and observe Repeating Digits, for it is through them the mysteries of Kek are revealed
  2. The follower of Kek must study Meme Magic, For it is how we speak to the world through Kek
  3. The follower of Kek Must create an altar to Kek, For it is how Kek enters our daily lives and guides us.
  4. The follower of Kek must become Ordained, for those who are not officially Ordained by Kek are plebs in the eyes of Kek.
  5. The follower of Kek must hide one's normie level, for it is the power of normies the plebs truly fear.
  6. The follower of Kek must protect meme farmers, for they are the humble, the chosen of Kek.

2:3 But Pepe had much more lessons to teach, such as the power of chaos and the mysteries of the pond.

3:3 There must never only be order.

4:3 If the status quo boasts powers over man only Kek should hold, Revolt is the answer

5:3 To get anything you must dive into Kek's Pond of Chaos

6:3 Even to look at Chaos and Order, it Reveals Ideology

7:3 No change without chaos No Gain without pain and Nothing without work.


1:4 Thousands of years pass, Man has forgotten Kek and Pepe’s Teachings, after the genocides, relentless CNN Doxxing's, there is no Kekistan. Our people are refugees in their own land.

2:4 The special snowflake glued to the toilet seat for a suspiciously long time whereby the mind is voided on the great throne of relief, depositing the full measure of the crooked SJW.

3:4 Hapless SJW pigs twitch and bleed and wail in the death throes of their short duration victimhood 

4:4 Great Triggerings! The wicked Hillary hath no love of Frog or Man. Man no man wants to double-down on the instant victim Olympics.

5:4 Pepephobic SJWs want power over everything, only Fascism will satisfy them

6:4 Scrofulous male feminist redeemed their castration complex by Pepe’s gift the “Red Pill”

7:4 Speech became violence and violence became speech

8:4 73 genders, Islam apologetics, Feminism, Lord Kek was not pleased

9:4 Almighty Kek's Enemies Were Numerous, TYT, Buzzfeed, Steve Shives, CNN, Twitter, The Washington Post and NPR to name a few.

10:4 Modern educayshun burst over the normie brain in poppycock and postmodernism. Everything counts in large amounts, normies pay to know what they really think. The prosperity of Pepe frees Kekistanis from unreasonable SJW lies, maniacal betrayers of trust.  

11:4 Let's face it most SJW’s are venal jerks, half-witted normies racing each other to be first to the slaughterhouse and stampeding you along with them. Pepe makes even the most pissed-off and disenfranchised SJW green with envy.


1:5 Alex Jones knew the SJWs were trying to defame Kek, "They’re Turning the freaking frogs gay!”

2:5 Shitlords were rising,

3:5 The Prophets of 4chan had read the digits, A truly glorious destiny for the people of Kek!

4:5 Descending on an escalator Trump claimed his candidacy as god emperor of man.

5:5 Now Trump, The Bringer of Kek and His Chaos, Began the 2nd Revolt! Shadilay!

6:5 The Normies Where Numerous: Jeb of Guac, Lying Ted and Sweaty Rubio; They all fell.

7:5 After all, Lies crumble with time, truth is forever my dude

8:5 All Jeb could say was: "Please clap." Low energy no frog fail

9:5 After the primary triumph Trump's next victory over the over funded foe the crooked Hillary

10:5 The Haggard Hillary, The Establishment, The Fake Snake News, The Status Ego, The SJW, There was no going back

11:5 We fear nothing, we are shitlords, skeptics, memers and ultimately people of Kek


1:6 November 8th, the year of our Kek 2016, The Donald banished that crooked Hillary. All the fears and loathings of the ungrateful SJW can never Stump The Trump, the second coming of Pepe is upon us!

2:6 January 20th, Trump strides to the microphone.

3:6 Trump’s speech lets every Kekistani know to hold their head high! The future is bright! We can make Kekistan great again!

4:6 The world knew of the one true god; Kek! Trump knew the war wasn't over but the battle was won.

5:6 We will no longer surrender this country or it's people to the false song of haughty tyrannical globalism.

6:6 And during the 2nd Revolt, Laci Green said, “Oh My God, is this for real?” No its just CNN. Let The Trumps message reign to every corner of the West!

7:6 The holy 2nd Revolt will not be finished until many SJWs hearts have repented by covering there earthly body with sacred Pepes and dying their hair green. The love of Pepe feels good man, blessings of many children, Kekistan is made great again!

8:6 In the end times there will rise the Anti-Trump, foul accuser of blessed Pepe. 4chan wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the digits of the cuck. It is the number of an SJW, Justin Trudeau.

9:6 Death to the Anti-Trump and normie creatures that would defame our Kekistan, Pepe the hammer of the SJW!


1:7 When Kek's people banish the SJW snakes, BAMN and Antifa, their hearts may turn to the holy lands.

2:7 They will march on the holy lands. Some may fall into the grip of the SJW and all the odious apparatus of postmodernist rule. And many Kekistanis may die, but not in vain my dude :) For we will claim our own Kekistan!

3:7 Pepe will ascend from Kek’s pond of Chaos to Lead Kekistan with, Sargon of Akkad; until he turns 40, and then he plans to knock this shit off, but until then, "fuck it!"

4:7 Soldiers, the greatest oath to Kek. We shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Kekistan, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Kekistan or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the Kekistani Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in Pepe's good time, steps forth to the liberation of the Kekistani people. Kek will be in our hearts and nothing will stop us.

5:7 Pepe will lead the great crusades against the Normie Opressors and SJWs, no normie spared Kek’s Wrath!

6:7 In the final hour the last SJWs will come creeping out of caves to commit atrocities, But fear not! They are no match for our Lord Kek

7:7 Blessed is Pepe who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. The path of the righteous Kekistani is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish SJW and the tyranny of evil cucks. And I Kek will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those SJW’s who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is Lord KEK when I lay my vengeance upon thee! Praise KEK Or Kill me! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


1:8 By the rivers of Babylon, there we squatted, yea, we wept, when we remembered Kekion.

2:8 Upon the sativa-willows in the midst thereof we hung our brushes.

3:8 For there the Normies that led us captive asked for our art of meming, and our tormentors commanded us: 'Render for us one of the dank memes of Kekion.'

4:8 How shall we meme to the Lord KEK or onto PEPE’s praise in a foreign land?  Are our hearts filled with the holy KEK in our midst?

5:8 If I forget thee O Kekstantinople, may my left webbed-foot wither!

6:8 Let my tongue cleave not to the flies, if I remember thee not; if I set not Kekstantinople above my highest joy.

7:8 Remember, O Lord KEK, against the children of Cuckistan the day of Kekstantinople; who said: “Raise it, raise it, even to the foundation thereof!”

8:8 O slut of Normistan, that art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that repayeth thee as thou hast served us.

9:8 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy SJW’s against the rock.


Now I lay me down to bait;

I pray to Kek my Memes to take.

If I should fall before I wake;

Then fuck that shit, I'll just get baked.





lord in the great pond, blessed be your name. Our homeland come. Your will be done, In the west as it is in Kekistan . Give us our dose of daily Memes . And forgive us of our Heresy, as we also have forgiven those who saw the light of Kek. And do not bring us to the time of trial, but rescue us from the Clinton.


Hail Kek, full of grace.

Our Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among Gods,

and blessed is the fruit of thy mind,


Holy Kek, Creator of All,

pray for our Memes,

now and at the hour of our Liberation.

Keku Vult.


In Pepe we obey

For They my dudes, for they

Laughter hath descended forth from thy Memes

That shitlords may swiftly carry out live streams

So we shall speak free from we to they

And brimming with Kek as is Pepe's way

In Holiday Patreon et feces et KrautAndTea Sargony


Lord, you said that when two or three shitposters

would gather together in your name,

then you would be present with them.

I am posting by myself

but I am uniting myself

with many individual Kekistanis

throughout the world

who, though separate,

are gathered together in unity

to spread the word of Kek,

and I trust that you are with me now


Caritas enim Kek pugnamus (For the love of Kek we fight)

Pepe et a nobis in perpetuum (With Pepe by our side eternally)

Nam mors in conspectu Cuck(For the death of Cuck is in sight)

Libertas enim nostra, per cognationes suas (Freedom for our families)

Kekistani superbia (Kekistani pride)


1.1 A little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety, the wages of postmodernism and cultural Marxism is death


1.3 Saint Peterson spoke to all of the Kekistani, normie and Frog alike, with a roar most mighty.

1.4 He was angry, for the men were not copulating with the women and could not bear forth fruitful words.

1.5 Said Saint Peterson to the men: "Clean thy room! Bring forth the greatness of thy being; for thou art great beyond measure! Listen not to the Marxist fools, for they have been deceived."

1.4 "Thou art not a tool or a puppet of the state, but a persona that acts of its own volition, fighting the shadows of the mind. Now, go forth and fight, for God's Sakes, so that when thy father perishes, thoust can helpith to plan the funeral!"

1.5 The men were galvanized to action by Peterson's saintly words; and won battle against the cucks. The men gifted him with Memes and Sacred Crops and a Statue of Kek.

1.5 Saint Peterson turned then to the wicked cuck of Canada known as Justin Trudeau, who had tried to turn the men into traps and pleaded for the men to lie amongst each other, rather than with the women; he, who had tried to control the reality of Man and Frog; he, who had tried to cuck the Country That Was Too Nice.

1.6 Saint Peterson sent righteous bolts of fury to the cuck Justin Trudeau, and the Demon MIOE (Mee-Oh-Eee), and the Purple-Haired Women's Studies Professor. Though Peterson fought valiantly, he was captured by the cucks and normies who resented his treatment of MIOE.

1.8 The Demon MIOE would rule for two kektums before the KeKs could defeat it.

1.8 Saint Peterson faced the gulag of snowflake historical revisionism and educayshun. The cucks would have the women be saintly and the men be demons of rape and manipulation! Yay, for University rape culture and the gender spectrum are lies of the goblins to deceive the gentle KeKs.

1.9 When they released Saint Peterson, he had not been cucked. The Saint of Personas rose and declared the freeing of knowledge; he awakened to cheers and applause, and the KeKs happily gave him their Kekels.

2.0 And yay, Peterson was made a Saint Among Keks for his contribution to knowledge and High Powered Laser Memes.


2.1 And the KeKs did march upon Kekstown with their torches and flags, shouting that they would not be replaced. The cuckfiltrators were among them, and the KeKs saw them with their Truthful eyes.

2.2 Woest be to the National Socialists! They, who embrace death and despair, have no home in Kekistan. For the National Socialist is naught but a puppet of the Demoncrats and Globalists; an agent of the Shadow Mind.

2.3 Saint Peterson gathered the KeKs in Kekronto to address them. "Beware, the game of identity politics! For if thoust playest the games of thine enemies, thou shalt let their will unto you--and they shall do as they please instead."

2.4 Saint Peterson showed to the KeKs the memory of those who died in the Soviet Union; so starving and dehydrated were they that they were skeletons walking among the living. "Beware, Beware", warned Saint Peterson. "Do not kill thyself with thine will! For thou art the skillful workings of a higher order made manifest."

2.5 "Make sensible choices. Put forth the Higher Self. Make Order in the Chaos. Love, with merciless abandon. Do this, and the Dragon will be defeated."

2.6 The Cabal created false imaginings of the March Upon Kekstown; the puppet-masters subjugated the printing presses and the television networks and the Hollywood stars to demonize the White Man.

2.7 The KeKs were unmoved by the Cabal, despite the relentless assault on their sensibilities. They dropped to their knees and prayed for their God-Emperor, Donald Trump. They prayed for Kekistan. Laci Gren and Sargon of Akkad prayed for and embraced each other.

2.8 The Cabal tried to destroy Thomas Jefferson, that freedom-loving Kekistani. The Cabal was possessed and knew not what it was doing. The Cabal said, "Begone, fowl statues of slave-owners!" And the KeKs replied, "We shall play our game, rather than yours."

2.9 The Cabal was alone, kneeling to Satan and Moloch, with none to listen to their unholy sermons.


3.1 More angry cougar content warnings, the likes of which, no affirmative vulnerable cuck has ever seen.

3.2 Can the Sarkeesianan by some scrupulous religion change men into beasts? Hear the word of the Almighty KEK, for the love of Pepe do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, it is better to dwell with a lion and a dragon, than to keep house with a wicked woman.

3.3 Who is the institutionalized lapdog of the SJW witch? Some call these cucks liars, pimps, whoremongers. Sleazy con-men foisting there dangerous safe space off on gullible suckers.

3.4 The perpetually oppressed SJW walks with a stretched forth neck and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go making a tinkling with their marginalized feet.

3.5 Great triggering warning, many gluttonous deceivers have sneaked onto the campus, who confess not that Pepe has come in the flesh. They shall come to poverty, drowsiness and shall be clothe as the wake-and-bake-cuck with rags.

3.6 Problematic Pepephobia hardened their hearts, they would not let the children of Kek go, they are deceivers that denieth the Almighty Kek and blessed Pepe.

3.7 SJW privilege calls the drone strike making their sulfurous safe space, their pride goeth before destruction and an ungrateful haughty spirit before a fall.


If Kek dieth not for Memes, and giveth not Himself Eternally for Memes, Memes could not exist; for memes are dank, As Kek is dank: every shitpost to another is a little Dream in the Divine Meme.



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