Berenstein Bears
The Berenstein Universe is the name given to the universe the Kekistani's left behind when Kek divided Time and Space as a result of the American Election. While the specifics of the Berenstein Universe are unknown, experiments in inter-dimensional travel by our top Kekistani scientists has given us a broad overview.
The Berenstein Universe-0

A map of the Berenstein Universe according to Kekistani Interdimensional Travelers.

History Edit

After Hillary Clinton was elected as the 45th American President, the Normies were able overtake the world and the planet soon became dominated by the Normie-Cuck Alliance. George Soros then used the opportunity to summon Moloch from his ethereal plain down to Earth. Upon his arrival, the Anti-Kek god devastated the world with cringe Normie memes, stamping out most of the remaining meme magic.

Finding itself without purpose the Kingdom of Moloch used their anti-memes to open a portal to the Berenstain Universe so they could invade it and destroy Kek across all dimensions. This began the Interdimensional Kek Wars, which culminated in Kek himself banishing the Normies and Cucks back to their universe and removing their anti-meme magic to prevent them from leaving.

In the rare chance that a Normie discovers Meme magic in the Berenstein Universe, Kek will return and save them, taking them to the Berenstain Universe where the Kekistani's reside.

The fastest way to discover Meme Magic is to swallow a Red Pill. Red Pills are a drug made of pure Meme Magic.

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