Hello Internet and welcome to Behind The Meme.
~ How he starts off every one of his videos.

Kyle E. Bryce aka Behind The Meme is a YouTuber who makes videos where he "explains" memes to his audience of 5 year olds and Normies. He is an incredibly prolific meme serial killer, having annihilated over 104 memes, and earning him the rank of Colonel is the Normie Armed Forces. His mass meme murdering has made him a threat, not only to Kekistan, but to memery in general.

Behind The Meme once attempted to infiltrate Kekistan so he could expose the secrets of Kek to the Normies, but he was unable to hide his Normieness and thus was rejected. However, George Soros recognized his talents and recruited him to be a military leader in Cuckistan.

Victims Edit

  • Kilroy
  • Hide the Pain Harold
  • Harambe
  • Troll Face
  • MLG
  • Dat Boi (oh wait, that is already dead)
  • Doge
  • "Triggered" meme
  • No Fap September
  • Sanic
  • YouTube Poop (oh wait, it's stale but still going)
  • Lenny Face
  • Spoderman
  • Succ
  • Kappa
  • Clorox Bleach
  • SpongeGar
  • Dab (oh wait, that was already dead)
  • Bad Luck Brian
  • Yee
  • Kazoo Kid
  • Gabe the Dog
  • Woah Technology
  • Szechaun Sauce
  • Smug Wendy
  • John Cena
  • Jake Paul

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