The Battle of Kekopolis was a battle that was prepared for by both Kekistani forces as well as the Normies, who were being funded by Cuckistan, for over 12 years. Few Kekistanis from the battle are still alive and able to report about the event to this day. However, according to Kekistan archives, (later burned by Normies) Kekistan reportedly doubled its Navy, and increased its armed ground forces by sixty-three percent. Meme Magic was also heavily researched in new ways to be used for the grand battle ahead.

History Edit

First-Strike Edit

The first attack commenced by the Normies was on the eastern bridge of Kekopolis. Unfortunately, Kekistani officials were not expecting an attack from this side of the City. The bridge was quickly taken and Normies were able to set up a basecamp and defend the bridge. They now had a clear entrance into the city.

Air Strikes Edit

Before the Kekistan Armed Forces had a chance to attack, the normies launched waves of air strikes, effectively destroying two-thirds of the new naval fleets commissioned by Kekistan.

Operation Eastern Storm Edit

When the news finally reached General Sargon, hoping the bridge was still usable, Sargon ordered Commanding Officer Seth Rich to lead a large battalion on the bridge. Commander Rich, along with 5,000+ armed Kekistan soldiers, rushed the bridge.

However, to their surprise, they were met with heavy artillery. Within 23 minutes of fighting, the 310 remaining Kekistan Warriors, with their commander now neutralized, retreated back into the city.

The Destruction of Eastkek-Bridge Edit

When the news reached General Sargon of the commander's failure, he was left with one choice. He had to destroy the bridge. He ordered the small air fleet available to the Kekistanis at the time to blow up the bridge, and to focus all ground troops and Naval forces on defending the north-east bridge, which was untouched by the Normies.

While the Air Team was met with much resistance, two pilots, Lt. Allsup and Lt. Posebic both made it to the bridge, where they dropped the only bombs that were in their arsenal, Pepe Bombs. Powered by Meme Magic itself, these bombs destroyed not only the bridge, but areas of the city within three square miles of it. This caused devastation among civilians still in the city.

The Conclusion Edit

While this destruction of our own infrastructure may have slowed down the Normies, it wasn't enough to stop them from launching a second attack, and therefore starting a second battle, on the city of Kekopolis.


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