Battle of CharlottesvilleEdit

On a beautiful liberal morning, Neo-nazi members of the Unite the right rally in Virginia got a little... out of control. A large group of several hundred White supremacists gathered up arms and began their attack at 11 a.m. They chanted racist things as they gathered around a statue of Thomas Jefferson. Normie squadrons saw this and did not want to let this go unsettled. They made a counter-protest and started marching towards the enemy line. However, the Alt-Right terrorists struck first. Battle Lines were drawn as each side hurled insults and bludgeoning weapons at each other. The battle lasted hours, with the line between good and bad starting to look fuzzy.

In the afternoon, a car ran over several people, Killing 1 and injuring 19. The driver was arrested shortly after. 2 others died later that day.

Apparently, some of the leaders of this protest claimed to be part of the meme battalions. After that, both White supremacists groups and the Kekistan military denounced them entirely.

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