Antifa is a radical Anti-Kek movement comprised of cucked college kids indoctrinated in Social Justice colleges. They are heavily funded by George Soros. Their name supposedly stands for Anti-Fascism, but in reality it's an acronym for Anti-First Amendment. As of the 1st of September they have been deemed as a Domestic Terrorist Organisation by the Department of Homeland Security. (

The movement claims to be anarcho-communist even though their authoritarian beliefs would require a form of government to carry out. Antifa believe that the use of political violence in a Democracy is a justifiable act. Because of this they use violence against those who they disagree with. They also have rather loose definitions of "fascist" and "Nazi" and will apply them as labels to whomever they disagree with.

Antifa are among the most prominent enemies of Kek and Kekistan, performing military operations and acting as an offensive force for Cuckistan.

History Edit

Donald Trump Inauguration ProtestsEdit

A group of Antifa members violently protest the Inauguration of God Emperor Donald Trump. They ended up smashing many windows and burned down a limo of a muslim man.


A limo Antifa burned down during the Donald Trump inauguration protests

The Battle of BerkeleyEdit

A group of Antifa rioters engaged a group of free-speech marchers in Berkeley. Despite being incredibly eager to fight "Nazis," the Antifags were quick to retreat upon encountering resistance from the free-speech advocates, using several smoke bombs to cover their escape. This event is known as The Battle of Berkeley.

Affiliated Groups Edit



BAMN is an Antifa-affiliated organization that operates primarily out of Berkeley. The organization was founded by Shanta Driver and another person known only as "Leland". The organization has attempted several times to overturn acts that would make it illegal to judge college applicants based on their race and gender. Notable members of this group include Yvette Felarca, a University of Berkeley teacher known for convincing her students to go on protests with her. Many cases also show BAMN to be a sorta of cult with how it treats it's member's

Black Lives Matter Edit

Also funded by George Soros, BLM is a domestic terrorist organization that destroys cities when provoked. They claim to be a group for the betterment of black people, but they riot in cities where black people live, and are eager to attempt to maul any Kekistani, regardless of skin color.

Gallery Edit

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