The Alt-Right, aka Right-Wing SJWs, is a white nationalist movement that stands opposed to the Free Kekistan movement. Despite this, many Normies often mistakenly conflate the movement with Kekistan, likely due to the Clinton Campaign slandering our prophet Pepe as a white supremacist symbol.

/pol/ack Kekistanis will occasionally pretend to be Alt-Righters as a way to troll Normies and SJWs.

The Alt-Right was brought into the mainstream in 2016 when Hitlery Clinton got triggered by God-Emperor Trump tweeting out a rare Pepe and gave a speech about it, where she stated it was a massive conspiracy started by Vladimir Putin, rather than just a hundred or so white nationalists who read the Daily Stormer.

The Alt-Right seek to claim Pepe as a symbol for their movement alone, and they despise Kekistan for standing in their way.

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